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The Second Approach Trio & Alexey Kozlov "Обэриуты" AB-CD-08-2018-134 – ArtBeat Music 2018
Любовь – (Н.Олейников - Ch.Mingus)
The Second Approach Trio "Rezi Vár" FANCYMUSIC 093 2017
Fairy Tale (A. Razin/T. Komova/ I.Ivanushkin)
The Second Approach Trio "A Day For Dave" AB CD 11 2014 082 – ArtBeat Music 2015
Variations On The Duke (A.Razin - D.Brubeck)
Lullaby For Dave (A.Razin - D.Brubeck)

I'm writing as I finish listening to A D­ay for Dave. I am really enjoying the em­otional intensity, virtuosity and indeed­ the clever way Dave's most famous compo­sitions are present in the music. Only a­ musician or very astute listener would ­actually hear In Your Own Sweet Way­ and the other pieces so this is a truly­ creative tribute, as distinct from an a­lbum of 'cover' versions.  I hope a disc­erning public will appreciate what The S­econd Approach has done here. 

This recording is very beaut­iful and moving. Thanks for sharing it w­ith us and please convey my sincere comp­liments to  Andrei Razin and the other musicia­ns involved. You are all brilliant.

sincerely, Darius Brubeck

The Second Approach Trio "Beeswing" CD LR 640 - LEO RECORDS 2012
Dance (A.Razin)
The Second Approach Trio "Pandora's Pitcher" CD LR 621 - LEO RECORDS 2011
Burlesque Rag (A.Razin)
Second Approach "Event Space" CD LR 585 - LEO RECORDS 2010 (2004 DM 2004 J102)
Prelude & Toccatta (A.Razin)
Two Moods (A.Razin-T.Komova)
Gustav Klimt's Dreams ((A.Razin-T.Komova-I.Ivanushkin)
The Second Approach "37,1°C" One Records 2009
Colombina (A.Razin)
Tarantella (A.Razin)
The Second Approach Trio with Roswell Rudd "The Light" SoLyd Rec. 2009 SLR 0390
Second Approach "Jazz, Please!" DIALOG MUSIC 2002 DM-80092 J28
Intro (A.Razin)
Second Approach & Yuri Yaremtchuk "Yurassic period" DIALOG MUSIC 2002 DM-80016 (J24)
North reflections (Y.Yaremtchuk & Second Approach)
Second Approach feat. Mike Ellis "Ex Tempore" NRW Jazz NRW 9006 2001; Landy Star Jazz 2001 LS-028-(J18)
Session One (M.Ellis & Second Approach)
Andrei Razin & the Second Approach "Pierrot" Boheme Music 1999 CDBMR 904056
Bagatelle No.4 (B.Bartok & A.Razin)

Appearence on CD's

Mike Ellis "The Shaman's Dance (2002)


Jazz Globus, 4th International Jazz Festival, Ierusalem (2007)


Expression World. International Jazz Days. Archangelsk – 2002


Джаз над Волгой 2001


Джаз-карнавал Одесса 2001


II Международный Джаз-карнавал Одесса 2002


"Еднiсть" Перший Мiжнародний джазовий фестиваль в м.Киэвi (2002)