The Second Approach project's origin is Russian culture, if we mean Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Marc Chagall and Slavic songs. Their style of improvised music was definitely and unmistakably born in Russia. 

What the band performs seems to go beyond standard definitions. It provokes controversy, interest and liking. The leader of the trio is an experienced composer, master of piano improvisation, Andrei Razin, a unique singer, member of well-known Gypsy band "Romen", Tatyana Komova, and one of the key acoustic bass players in Russia, Igor Ivanushkin, complete the band. The musical arsenal of the Second Approach combines elements of ethno music, modern creative jazz and contemporary classical music. 

In 1999, only one year after the band was created, it was nominated for Russian Jazz Journalists Association Awards in three categories. 
In March 2001, their CD "Ex Tempore" has been released both in Germany and Russia, while the trio performed in Stuttgart, Germany, at filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's retrospective with "In Memoriam Andrei" program. That same year the trio played at Kassel Jazz Festival (Germany) and at Jazz of Four Cultures Festival in Lodz, Poland. 
The Second Approach Projects also takes part in the annual Jazz Province moving festival that tours several major Russian cities. Their music finds its way to the airwaves on Russian radio stations and TV.

In autumn 2002, the Second Approach toured several festivals in Ukraine, Moldova and Northern Russia. Their new CD "Jazz, Please!" contains music that was recorded live during their performances at International Jazz Music Days in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, at Ethno Jazz Trio Festival in Chisinau, Moldavia, and at the Jazz Days in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The feeling of the vividly intense improvisational, aspired interaction with the audience is the most valuable result of that work. Moscow Jazz Journalists Association rewarded Andrei Razin with a diploma "The best jazz composer of the year".

In October 2004 the trio celebrated its fifth anniversary with a concert program entitled "The European Jazz - 21st century " at the Moscow International House of Music. The title of this concert looked symbolical and has formed a basis for the concert series at the House of Music. On that evening, the trio performed Andrei Razin's suite which was later released on CD as "Event Space" (Dialog Music, 2004.) In 2004, Andrei Razin' s Second Approach trio also performed at the Christopher Summer Festival 2004 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In December 2004, Second Approach performed in Finland (City Theater, Joensuu, and Kaamos Jazz Festival).

Their performances in Finland also took place in 2005, when the Second Approach played at Kerava Jazz Festival. Other successful festival appearances in 2005 included Varangerfestivalen in Norway and Varna Summer Jazz in Bulgaria. A very unusual experience was the trio's non-amplified acoustic performance at the Organ Hall in Tomsk, Siberia, during the 2005 Edison Denisov Contemporary Music Festival.

In 2006 the trio played in Yekaterinburg, Russia, toured over jazz centers in Lithuania.  In September 2006 they performed their " Second Approach" project in Moscow and Kaluga, with a new-jazz drummer from GermanyKlaus Kugel".

This season trio continued the tour under the aegis of "European Jazz of 21st century" course that took places in near Moscow towns like Obninks and Pushcino as well as at the The Union of Composers Club . Some concerts were featured by such musicians like Roman Stolyar(Novosibirsk), Arkadiy Shilkloper (Germany), Roswell Rudd (USA) to name a few. Also the trio had some gigs during the festival of improvisation music called "The April' s Jazz Thesis" in Arkhangelsk and during the another festival in Ryazan. In september the band (already being a quartet) had presented a fresh program featuring percussion master Vlad Okunev. The Trio had a great appearance at the Barentsjazz festival (Tromso, Norway) in November, as well as at the jazz festival "Jazz Globe" in Jerusalem. In 2008 a new project called “Two Obereuts” had started. It consisted from the jazz sax player Aleksey Kozlov and the Second Approach trio. Classic’s jazz avant-garde music,  Andrei Razin’s art music, Aleksey Kozlov's pieces, the poetry of Zabolotskiy and Oleinikov were the basis on which the play was made. It was performed at the Union of Composers Club, Vasil’ev Theatre and at the Bulgakov’s international art festival in Kiev. Later in November there was a MultiEthnoJazz concert at the Jewish Culture Centre dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the band. At the end of November the trio appeared at the Jazz Globe festival in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 


2009 February was remarkable by Tatiana Komova's jubilee concert that included different elements of Second Approach programs from different years. In April there was a release of a new CD "The Light" featuring Rosewell Rudd on trombone. The presentation of one took place in Brooklin Ibeam Studio (NY), June 12. After this a trio had 4 gigs at the Annual Xerox Rochester International Festival (USA), collecting lots of wonderful mass media articles and replies. A new CD "37,1°C" feat Vlad Okunev on percussion. The Trio could be heard on a modern Jazz Festival "Afterwords" in Ivanovo City and at the "Moscow Autumn" contemporary music festivaln in Moscow. A new music and litrature program "About phisics and lyrics" was presented in February 2010 featuring Alex Kruglov (sax) and Mikhail Mitropolski (narration). In the summer Trio appeared at the "Ural" concert hall and had 2 concerts in Austria. The beginning of autumn was pretty sunny: a prestige British lable Leo Records reissued "Event Space" album. A suite from Event Space (CD LR 585) album was performed in 2004 at Moscow International Music Hall and was released by indie label in Russia. Soon after release there were already many positive references. And in the end of 2010 it’s already was in the of Best New release 2010 – HONORABLE MENTIONS list made by the AllAboutJazz-New York.

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In 2011 the musicians participated in festivals in Kiev, Ekaterinburg and Kaluga. In September 2011 Leo Records released a new CD by the Second Approach called Pandora’s Pitcher. In 2012 the trio performed in several German towns while Andrei Razin was invited as a special guest to take part in the projects of the German vocal band VocColours and of the Lithuanian percussionist Arkady Gotesman. The third Leo Records album called Beeswing (2012) presented the music which the trio had already played in previous years with an improved sound quality. The Leo Records Festival in Moscow also included sets by the Second Approach. The following year saw the second Leo Records Festival where the musicians presented fragments of the Brubeck’s Time set, devoted to the deceased pianist and composer Dave Brubeck. Musical contacts that developed between the trio and the legendary American in 2009 at the Rochester Jazz Festival (USA) bore great significance and confirmed the choice of artistic path made many years ago. That summer the Second Approach presented a program within the cycle “Classical Music and Jazz. Dialogues in the Language of Improvisation” together with the pianist Alexander Vershinin in Rachmaninoff Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire. At the third Leo Records Festival the musicians presented a new version of the program “Clavier Quantum Theory”.


In 2015 the Second Approach presented their sets in a modern jazz concert in the Hungarian town of Sarvar and at the fifth OCT-Loft Jazz Festival in Shenzhen (China). In November the label Art Beat Music released CD by the Second Approach called A Day for Dave, featuring Aleksey Kozlov on the saxophone. This tribute to Dave Brubeck was presented on the day of his 95th birthday, 6 December 2015. 2016 saw the Second Approach Trio performing at the Vladimir Rezitsky International Jazz Days in Arkhangelsk, Russia, in a concert co-produced with Leo Records Festival in Russia. In 2017, they presented their new CD release, Rezi Vár (FancyMusic,) with a special concert at the Alexey Kozlov Club in Moscow. The album was featured in December, 2017 Europe Jazz Media Chart.

The Pushkin Tales or the March Cats - that's the name of a musical and a literature composition that was first performed in March 2018 featuring Slava Ganelin. In September the trio was invited again to perform in Hungarian city of Sharvar with  nice press reviews after. There were 4 appearances in October for Leo Records label festival that took places in Moscow and Arkhangelsk as well as at the 20 years’ anniversary performance at the Skryabin Museum (Moscow). This jubilee marathon has also included some new releases like Oberiuts (Union of Real Art, 1927-30) feat. Alexey Kozlov (sax) and the 4CD edition called Time Axis. This particular edition has also included Oberiuts, A Day for Dave and the Selected Works Volumes 1 and 2.